Kenosha Sucks

Friday, September 23, 2005

Kenosha catching up to Chicago and Milwaukee

A report from that right wineg shit paper from Kenosha stated that a nine story condo will be erected in the coming days and the developer and mayor were each quoted saying that they are now catching up to the forementioned cities. Yeah whatever you dumb fucks, you could only wish. fuck off Kenosha.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

kenosha sucks

My heart goes out to those who live in this shit infested cesspool called Kenosha, Wisconsin.

If you like eating fast food 3 times a day then this is your place.
If you smoke multiple packs of cigarettes a day, this is your place
If you wear cotton sweat pants everyday, this is your place
If your 50 pounds overweight, this is your place.
If you think buffets are fine dining, this is your place
If driving around town and all you see are buffets and used car lots, this is your place.
If looking at beat up Chrysler cars and mini vans with tape over the dents and fat obese people driving them, this is your place.
If finishing school is considered completing 4th grade, this is your place.
If you like neanderthal looking women, this is your place.
If you like hanging around the worlds most uncultured people, this is your place.
If you like having no shopping options, this is your place.
If you like a boring useless lakefront with a trolley that goes throught the hood and back, this is your place.
If you call fine dining places like bluefish or wineknot, this is your place. (bluefish sucks big
If the bluecollar lifestyles for you, this is your place.
If teaching your children it's ok to quit school and work a daddy's factory, this is your place.
If teaching your kids to drink excessively and beat up the spouce for you, this is your place.
If sending your children to one of the wort school districts in the state of Wisconsin up your alley, this is your place.
If having absoloutly nothing to do every single day is your kind of lifestyle, this is your place.

I can go on and on about this shit hole but see it for yourself, it is god awful. Now time to send a few shout outs to some of the jackasses in that town.

a)Pepe Madrigrano- Time to die you old motherfucker. You fucked up this town with your gambling and now you want to screw it up some more with the casino. Hey motherfucker, you lost on the dog track, thats a chance you take as an investor man, you and your kids need to go away. Fuck you, the Italians are dead old man.

b)Tenuta family-Ralph your store isn't the only game in town, stop crying and let progress take over, you made you millions now go back to fucking Calibrese you fat ass old man.

c)Robert Mitchell- Stop decieving people with your nice guy bullshit persona, you are a snake in the grass and have cheated people out of lot's of money you asswipe. Your winestore and restaurant sucks, it is not your money but the money of others who do not know better funding those operations of yours. Soon they will realize what I and many others know about you...your a fucking thief.